a day of Death, a day of Birth, a chasing after the Wind

by Absalom Absalom

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released August 14, 2010

Recorded, mixed, edited and mastered by Justin Bowsher

Absalom Absalom is: Gideon Maki, Andrew Foster, Stephen Gallutia, Daniel Gallutia, and Joel Hunter



all rights reserved


Absalom Absalom Lexington, Kentucky

We've been rippin it since 2009.

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Track Name: All of the Above
THE MOUNTAINS , THE FISHES, THE INSECTS, THE PLANTS, THE FORESTS, THE DESERTS, EVOULTION, AFRICA! His boat was a red-stained account full of sea-beaten papers. Lay down our fate on a strand line in the kitchen men held buoyant the whisper of drinking, all else neglected, in his bed he strained to hear the plot. And they came from his arm and they came from his fingertips. from his arm sparks little people but he didnt know what they ate. In the end he couldn’t find anything they could swallow and in his pocket they slowly died later he would forget their muffled whines, like a cat at his window. Finally forgetting even in which earth he carved their graves.
Track Name: Too Late My Dear (The Tides have Come)
He takes us down to where the shore kisses the tide and we comb the beach for pink seashells to give to our dying mother. I wiggle my toes in the warm sand, caving in castles made by hand. There's water everywhere and not a drop to drink. And she sits in her wicker chair, living fastly but dying slowly. She wears her heart on her sleeve, so we can see its gentle beating. We all cling to her thin dress so she won't fly away. Ou father tucks us into bed, whispering, "It'll all be alright." There's water everywhere but not a drop to drink. I'm as idle as a painted ship upon a painted sea. It's too late, my dear, the tides have come (and they're washing over our feet again.)
Track Name: City-Builder
The mountains looked up the shadows danced under them:
both living and dead.

I took up the larger stone, pull it from the earth, worms, and dirt. I rose my arm high in the summer air. I let the other brother come through. He came through. (Pull from the roots of our softer hearts and breathe) Sin is crouching at our door. Let’s go out to our cultivate field and paint it red; both living and dead. “Your brother’s blood is calling me from the ground.”
Track Name: Eye to Eye
My father built a house of cards and like the Tower of Babel, they crumbled down. We ferment on the leather couch and still to this day, if we walk outside we won’t see eye to eye. Eye to eye. We live here like princes, from the land to the machines. And what is this? For heaven's sake: what's this!? In everybody's living room!? We're dancin' in the kitchen light, right before your eyes! And with the fork and knife, i shout, "Come to our feast!"